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In the back of the church lies the Book of Remembrance in a special repository. It was dedicated on November 2, 1958 on All Soul’s Sunday. It is stored in a special wooden Repository dedicated for easy viewing, dedicated on the same day. A special mass was held on that day by Father Alexander A. Frier, the current rector at that time.

The leather-bound book is approximately 50 cm by 40 cm wide and has pages dedicated to the church history and a list of our historical rectors. Each page is engrossed in black, red, and blue and illuminated in gold. The Apologia page commences the names of people remembered by St. John’s church. In each of the memorial page, there are 12 objects symbolising the 12 disciples of Jesus with their meaning. The book is written by volunteer calligraphers of the community and parishioners. 

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