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The anticipation of a wedding is surely exciting! St. John's acknowledges this special step in your life. 


If you'd like to get married at St. John's, either spouse must be a baptised member of the Episcopal Church. The first step would be to contact us to meet up with our clergy. During this meeting, our priest can discuss the couple’s request to be married, answer any questions, and set out the preparation process. Your clergy can guide you through the wedding process, including referrals for couples counselling.  


Normally, the clergy of the parish preside at the celebration of marriages in that parish. If the couple prefers another cleric to preside at the marriage, consent must be given by the clergy or churchwardens.

Weddings are usually not held during Lent or Advent seasons as it is not traditional to hold festive liturgies unless there is an immediate compelling reason to do so.

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