Like most churches, St. John's relies on its generous donation to continue our ministries and upkeep. Please consider donating to our church. You can give online or there are numerous other ways you can support St. John's. The ministry and mission of our church take place because of the spiritual and financial gifts our members and friends choose to offer.  These are the resources that fuel our mission.

We encourage all members to make an annual pledge to the church. Stewardship is about recognition, responsibility and opening our eyes and recognizing all we have comes from God. The practice of generosity is a faith discipline. Growing in generosity is the mark of developing faith and a deeper walk with Christ.

Click the button below to make an online donation using your credit or debit card, or with PayPal; you can also scroll down to explore other ways of giving.


Perhaps this is the easiest way of giving. You can place it directly on the offering plate as you walk in the church or The Offering during mass. You could also mail your cheque directly to the church office. If you would like to make an ongoing contribution by cash or cheque, please contact the church office so we can make your envelope.


Please contact our treasurer at directly if you would like to gift stocks, mutual funds and/or other securities. We also advise you to contact your financial professionals before initiating the transfer. You may save on taxes by transferring your assets to us. St. John's is required to abide by all IRS guidelines and your giving statement may not reflect the actual value of the assets.


We can automatically deduct your bank accounts or charge a credit/debit card every two weeks by setting up an ongoing recurring payment plan. You can set this up with your financial institution or we can do it on your behalf with your permission. Recurring payments and automatic transfers can be part of your annual pledge or dedicated to a specific fund.


You can support us as your legacy by making a gift to St. John's through a will or living trust. An attorney could assist you in doing so. You can make a monetary gift, real estate, stocks, or a certain percentage of your estate.


St. John's would not exist without the hard work of our volunteers. If you have any talent, and all people do, and are able to help out we ask that you do so. During our fundraisers, we ask for donations of all kinds - food, electronics, toys, etc. Every item that you give makes a difference.


There are multiple other ways you can support St. John's: Retirement Plans, including IRA, 401k's; Life Insurance Policies, and other qualified charitable distributions. Please contact your attorney, financial institution, and our church treasurer for more information.


There are numerous ways you can support St. John's ongoing work. If you have any questions, please contact our church office.

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