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The Lady Chapel is located in the side aisle portion of the church, next to the entrance to the sacristy. It composed of a small high altar and the pews. It is used for Said Mass on Sunday mornings and for the Healing Ministry during Sung Mass. The Lady Chapel is also used for smaller events. There is a statue of St. Mary the Virgin and St. John that were gifted to St. John’s by Fr. Frederik Schraplau of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Tompkinsville.


A triptych depicting the life is Jesus is hung above the high altar. The triptych was written by Rev. John Walsted, who was the spouse of Rev. Jerry Kutcher, Rector Emeritus of Christ Church, New Brighton. Along with the triptych, Rev. Walsted also wrote the icon of St. John over the credence table and the icon of the Resurrection by the baptismal font. Rev. Wasted unfortunately passed away before the completion of the triptych. Hence, why the top and the doors are different from what’s on the inside. The triptych is closed during Lent and remains open during the remainder of the year.

Photos by Brian Kutner

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