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Bibles in Pews


Interested in touring our historic church?

The Church boasts over 175 amazing years of historical and architectural significance, not only in Rosebank but on Staten Island. It's hard to miss it when you walk or drive down Bay Street.

The best way to view the church is to attend our services and events to see what the church is like in action!

The church is usually closed when there are no events or mass, however, the church grounds are open for the public. The Rectory and Canterbury House are considered private residences and are not open for public viewing.

For those interested in touring the church, please contact us. We'll be happy to meet up with you. Meanwhile, you can also tour the church virtually.

We also recommend visiting other nearby sites in conjunction with St. John's, including the Alison Austen House and Fort Wadsworth, both in the neighbourhood.

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