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Dedication of the Book of Remembrance and the Repository (November 2, 1958)

Updated: May 7, 2020

All Souls Day, Sunday, November 2, 1958


If in any parish we say that we rejoice in our glorious past but are making no provision for the future we drive ourselves. For the glories of the area which are now history are dimmed by an age which h only accepts a heritage with no thought of whether it is passed to others at least as bright as it was received but are made brighter when succeeding ages add to it and pass it down even more glorious than it was received. It was because of a devotion to and an appreciation of our glorious past and our responsibility to a challenging future that a memorial fund was born and a repository and book of remembrance were created.


Although several gifts had been received from various people who desired to remember loved ones or close friends who had died by donations to the Church rather than by floral tributes for several years previously, the first official action to create a Memorial Fund into which such gifts would be placed and recorded was taken by the Vestry on June 3, 1952.

The following resolution appears in the minutes of a meeting held on that dat: « It was duly resolved to create a Memorial Fund for which Vestryman George Hartmann was appointed treasurer, as set for in the attached letter from the Rector to the Parishioners to be date June 5, 1952, and in the attached card of enclosure. » Despite efforts of the Memorial Committee of that year (John Curtis, Fred Klein, George Hartmann, and James Stamper) and those of the next succeeding two years (1952: George Hartmann, William Davies, and James Cooper; 1952: Leo Tucker, Henry Benfield, James Cooper, George Hartmann).

Progress was slow. Only a few people availed themselves of the opportunity to give a permanent memorial to their loved ones as the Committees sought to find means that acquaint people with the fact and working of our Memorial Fund. Early in 1955 the Committee which then consisted of Max Tischler, Henry Benfield, Leo Tucker, and George Hartmann determined to start work on a Book of Remembrance and a Repository therefor. The Repository was completed later in that year and was placed in the south rear aisle of the Church where it now stands.

Since that time work, which necessarily had to be slow and painstaking, has been in progress on the Book of Remembrance. Several items had to be done three or four times in order the the results might be as satisfactory as possible. It was necessary to search records and to check and recheck facts in order that they be accurate. Manuscripts were written and rewritten in order that the meanings contained therein might be clear enough to be understood all. When it is realised that this work of love necessarily had to be carried on during the leisure time consumed is readily understandable.

During this time the Memorial Committees (1956 and 1957: Max Tischler, Henry Ferrie, Leo Tucker, and George Hartmann; 1958: Max Tichler, Harry Childs, A. Milton Learned and Fred Rathke) have sought merely to urge people to use the Memorial Fund. Recently they have met with more success. It is their feeling that the presence of the beautiful Book of Remembrance will store people to commemorate departed loved ones therein by gifts to the fund. Much appreciation is due and our heartfelt thanks is hereby expressed to the many who have laboured to make the Memorial Fund a success and the Book of Remembrance and the Repository Realities.

Father Alexander A. Frier, Rector

J. B. Cotton, Assistnat

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