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All Souls' Memorial 2020

(Listed in alphabetical order by the donor that agreed to share the names of their loved ones on the website)

Give rest, O Christ, to thy servants with thy saints, where sorrow and pain are no more, neither sighing, but life everlasting.

Grandma Winnogene Dew Adams, given by the Adams Family

Helen Anderson, given by Allan Anderson

Reba Ogbum-Truesdale, Hazel N. Sowell, Viola W. Sowell, Annette C. Clarke, Betty Huckabee-Jordan, Michael A. Hill, The Rev. Horace Choate, given by Hunter Jordan

Dennis Kelly, James D. Kelly, Antoinette Beshai, Pete Beshai, Rose Buono, Mathew Buono, David Hayes, Angela Nasca, Mathew Giggy Buono, All Members of the Buono Family, All Members of the Kelly Family, given by Louise Kelly

Garfield Hull, given by Florence Mariso & Esabel Mariso

Sally McCrimmon, Rebecca Forh, James Cheah, Joseph Trinity, Eutha Williams Williamsetta Trinity, Ruth McCrimmon, Gladys Schweiger, Larry Thaten,

The Rev. Charles Howell, The Rev. Lewis Marshall, Walter Rupp, Ed Teegarden, Marion Bosak, given by The Trinity and McCrimmon Family

Frank & Lillian Elwell, Adelaide Carrozza, Edwin “Bud” Adams, Edwin Murray, Larry Thaten, David Hayes, Roy DeVincenzo, James Remias and Anthony Ciluffo, given by Vivian Murray

Barry Nelles, given by MaryLou Nelles

Julia Cheeseman and Lysander Padmore, given by Elyne Padmore

Gloria Olmo, America Sacristan, Ramon Sacristan, given by Angelina Sacristan

Robert Remauro, Jr., Ralph Remauro, Frances Russo, Anthony Russo, Frank Russo, Marian Bosak, given by Connie Remauro

Gloria Olmo, America Sacristan, and Ramon Sacristan, given by Angelina Sacristan

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