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Obituary for Edwina McCrimmon

Edwina Blamo Dean-McCrimmon was a woman who loved and was loved deeply. She lived her life in service to God and through her, He worked. Her heart and spirit were the quintessential reflections of His grace. She embodied wisdom, empathy and joy and offered generous support to the people in her life.

Born April 25, 1971 in Monrovia, Liberia to Agnes Cheah Trinity and Edwin Alexander Dean, Edwina lived a life worth living. Her spirit lives on through her husband Steven, her son Steven Jr., her parents Agnes, Edwin and Franklin, her siblings Bindu, Richard, Festina, Temeka, Franklin and Leones and she is remembered as NaNa to nephews Danny, DJ, Devin, Shane and Seth.

Edwina came to America as a young girl where she would stay, growing up on Staten Island. In her early twenties, through a mutual friend, Edwina found her life partner Steven McCrimmon with whom she shared experiences of fun and adventure in their seven years of dating. They married on September 3, 2000 but their greatest achievement was the birth of their son, Steven Jr. on March 18, 2006. Together they raised him, supporting him through his moral, educational and creative endeavours. She was an adept woman who wore many hats but nothing compares to her holistic approach to parenting and family.

Edwina’s arms spread wide enough to hold communities. She was a community advocate, an orchestrator, a leader. Her vigour and passion motivated all those she touched. She devoted 24 years to Franklin Templeton Investments as a Senior Meeting and Event Planner where she curated and produced events from corporate conference meetings to the U.S Open. She sat as the president of the PTA at Eagle Academy and as the Warden of St. John’s Episcopal Church.

We remember our Edwina as a regal and gracious woman. A doer. A maker. A conductor. A presence that shifted the molecules in any room she occupied. A devout wife and mother. A mentor and counsellor. Now, a legacy of love and compassion she leaves behind for an eternal dwelling.

So how does one quantify a life so vibrant, so rich, so impactful? One can’t. The seeds planted by Edwina on this green earth will continue to push through the dirt, shooting up toward the sun, bearing fruit so sweet, so nourishing and so colourful, proliferating her beauty and essence. And so, she lives on.

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